2022-08-09 Update


  • Change seeds to be a bit more consistent (but still not perfect)
  • Change hidden doors to be harder to spot
  • Change level generation to make cave levels on first depths :D
  • Change freezing formulas to more be more balanced
  • Change buff vahainen
  • Change markov model for generating player names
  • Change merchant now stocks new items
  • Change stairs discovered by the player are now always visible even when not in FoV
  • Change adjust language
  • Add debug func for revealing the whole level
  • Add scent masking salve
  • Add scrolls of blinking and scrolls of reveal
  • Add a very secret spell to the very wip game mode

Known issues:

  • Due to the new level generation algorithm, you can get softlocked by you pet in the first levels (should have tested more sorry :D)


tuonela-linux_amd64.zip 3 MB
Aug 09, 2022
tuonela-windows_amd64.zip 3 MB
Aug 09, 2022

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