Update 2022-07-23

I announced the game and made the first release last Sunday. The announcement received some helpful feedback. I fixed the numpad controls and changed most of the monster names back to finnish. I think next I’ll review and rewrite their descriptions so that they convey enough information and flavour.

I also had a try on writing my first “advanced” AI. I overhauled the maahis AI so instead of charging the player head on in a blind rage, they actually analyze the situation a bit. If a lone maahinen faces the player, the maahinen will attack for a bit, but as they get wounded they start to seek any fellow maahinens to alert the allies to help.

Getting the new AI to work was a bit of a hassle at first but taking breaks at walks to nearby nature or by cooking helped the idea mature. The AI ended up utilizing a more refined state machine and dijkstra maps. I love how using “simple” building blocks together can give a result with an illusion of intelligence.

I also reworked the AI for hyttynens (formerly known as moskiittos :D) so that they now seek bodies of water to swarm on. I was imagining on adding a whole lifecycle simulation where adults suck blood -> seek water -> lay eggs -> eggs hatch to larvae -> larvae mature to more adults. But this remains to be implemented and tested in the future. I’ve always been fascinated by simulated life so it will be interesting to try and see if makes for a sensible mechanic in the game.

As this is my last weekend of summer leave, I think my next action should be priorization of coming tasks. During work weeks free time (where one can still grog code) is a luxury for me, so coming up with a clear backlog of issues to work on is a must. I’d like to have a bunch of small features that can be implemented somewhat quickly so I can have at least something done every one or two weeks. Having small and attainable goals seems to be better for maintaining motivation.


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Jul 23, 2022
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Jul 23, 2022

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